Avocado Wholewheat Pasta With Tomatoes & Toasted Pine Nuts

IMG_20170420_203018_851I was craving something really creamy with tomatoes and basil. So I thought what better way to use a perfectly ripe avocado to make a thick, luxurious, tasty and being avocado, very healthy sauce! It pairs perfectly with the other flavours in this dish. It’s so simple, vegan, full of fibre and that all important protein! I mean it is all round taste bud satisfaction level 100 dish. Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do, any feedback is extremely welcome. And by all means add your own twists and flavours, It’s a very versatile dish. Some lemon and thyme grilled broccoli and asparagus would be amazing too!
▪ 1 Avocado
▪ 2 Garlic cloves
▪ Handful of fresh basil leafs
▪ 1/4 Lemon juice
▪ Tabasco to taste
▪ 4 tbsp Water
▪ 150g Wholewheat pasta
▪ 20 Cherry tomatoes halved
▪ 2 tbsp Pine nuts
▪ Salt and pepper to taste


Cook your pasta according to packet instructions.

Whilst this is cooking, use a Nutribullet, food processor or any blender you have to blend avocado, lemon, basil, Tabasco, garlic, water, salt and pepper. Blend all these ingredients until smooth.

Once pasta is cooked drain and return to a low heat and add your avocado sauce and tomatoes and gently heat through.

In a frying pan on a medium heat toast your pine nuts for 30 seconds each side. Pop into your favourite bowl and top with nuts!

Pop into your favourite bowl and top with the pine nuts and of course, enjoy!


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